Super RacerBee 30A BLHELI_S (Now Dshot Ready!)

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Super RacerBee 30A BLHELI_S - (Dshot Ready)

Comes Dshot ready! Airbot now ships these ESCs with the filter capacitor removed already! Comes with support for DShot 100, 300 and 600.

New BumpBee_S ESC runs BLHELI_S (J_H_15) firmware on BB21 MCU, offer the best performance for Race multicopters. 

QFN5x6 Power Mosfet instead tiny QFN 3x3 Mosfet(The other ESC using), can deliver more current, better cooling and less heat.

Input voltage up to 24.8V. 

Design Features:

  • Handles up to 6 cell power
  • The Latest BLHELI_S Firmware (J_H_15)
  • DShot 100, 300 & 600 supported!
  • Silabs EFM8BB21F16 at 48MHz
  • Multishot, Oneshot and DLM Capable
  • Three controllable LEDs
  • Damped light enabled, Oneshot,Multishot capable (automatic detection)
  • 1.4mm pcb, 4 layer blind pole design, 3oz copper for better heat dissipation (most are 1-1.2mm)
  • large IR 5301 Power pack NFETs (100A spec)
  • composite triode, fast high side switching

  • no bulky electrolytic capacitor
  • sustains 30A continuous without the need for airflow to (supports frames with hidden ESCs)

  • STRONG Dedicated ic Driver

  • (MUILTSHOT) capabile

  • PCB - 4 Layer Blind Pole PCB - 3oz Pour

  • Mosfet: N-Channel

  • Input: 2-6s Lipo

Constant: 30 AmpsBurst: 40 Amps(10 seconds)
Input: 2-6s Lipo

More Information
Manufacturer Airbot
Clock Speed 48MHz
Firmware BLHELI_S
Amps 30A
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