Sunrise Cicada 20A BB2 (DShot Support)

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Cicada 20A

Sunrise Cicada 20A BB2 - DShot 600 works without modification!

DShot 600 works without modification!

The Cicada line is the latest BLHeli_S release from Sunrise.  The design uses hardware PWM for ultra smooth motor response.  Oneshot 125, Oneshot42 and Multishot are auto-detected.
Please note, these are the newest version with the BB2 processor operating at 48MHz.  Previous Cicada releases used the BB1 at 24MHz.

This very small 20A ESC is well matched for a build using 2204 motors, 4-6" props and 3S-4S power.

Rated 2S-4S
DShot 150, 300 & 600 support
20A constant, 25A burst
PCB is 27x12mm
8g with wires, 5.5g without motor wires

More Information
Manufacturer Sunrise Model
Weight 5.5G
Clock Speed 48MHz
Firmware Blheli_S
Amps 20A
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