About Us

PitchRollYaw Partner - Martin


Engineering, Product Development, Reviews, Testing, Technical Support.

PitchRollYaw Partner - Surabhi


Engineering, Graphic Design, Video Production, Shipping.


was started by two Silicon Valley Software Engineers that got bit by the FPV bug and felt they could provide value to the hobby with excellent new products, sales, service, style, entertainment and education. We offer the best in multirotor and FPV products, all developed by or tested and reviewed by members of our team.


We're developing innovative new FPV products and frame designs. Stay tuned for more information.


Original clothing designs will be released on a regular basis. We offer a wide selection of long and short sleeved t-shirts, sweatshirts and hats in a selection of colors and styles.


We produce original content including the, "This Week In FPV" segment on Youtube and our blog. Product review and testing videos and look forward to live streaming events in the San Francisco Bay Area.


We host the non-profit, community driven Multirotor Wiki (http://www.multirotor.wiki)

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